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Explaining CSS based page layouts

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Week 2: A slide introducing niche marketing for the web.

Cem Goknil is currently a part time instructor at Bogazici University, teaching "Introduction to Web Design" in the Management of Information Systems department.

The goal of the course is to teach social sciences students to design and code a website in 13 weeks without any computer programming prerequisite.

The course focuses on empowering students to place their content (video, pictures, text) on the web in a presentable layout.

Class Website

The curriculum is in English and covers the following topics:

  • Week 1: Anatomy of the Internet
    An explanation of internet structure. Who owns the internet? Who governs the internet?
  • Week 2: Modern uses of the Internet
    Niche market research, internet advertising models, business to consumer commerce, business to business commerce, blogging, social networking, social commerce.
  • Week 3: Uploading your First Page
    Getting your web address, getting your own email address such as yourname@yourcompanyname.com, uploading your first page
  • Week 4: Introduction to HTML
    What is HTML? Creating paragraphs, line breaks, number lists, bullet lists.
  • Week 5: Site Structuring
    Document naming conventions, root-folder-documenty hierarchy, relative structuring and absolute structuring
  • Week 6: Links
    Giving internal and external links, linking to different type of documents.
  • Week 7: Images
    Image formats, loseless vs compressed images, adding images to an HTML Page
  • Week 8: Midterm
  • Week 9: Tables
    Using tables for tabular data only, why tables should not be used for site layout.
  • Week 10: Styling Pages with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    Advantages of using CSS, attaching style sheets to html, specifying fonts, borders, margins & paddings, background images & colors with CSS.
  • Week 11: Creating CSS Based Layouts
    Creating site layouts using div, span and css.
  • Week 12: Using Open-Source Graphic Editing Software
    Using open-source graphic editing software to design a site and resize images.
  • Week 13: Search Engine Submissions
    Submitting a site map to Google, optimizing meta tags, setting up Google Analytics software to determine monthly visitors.