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Site tasarımı

Web Design

Cem Göknil has been creating reliable web design & web consulting services for high profile clients such as Superonline, Borusan Telekom, Linkage Turkey, Can Yayınları since 2002.

Cem Göknil's designs focus on clean lines & usability, as determined by the target audience. This audience-based approach involves turning site visitors into customers and using the web as an automation tool.

Arama motoru optimizasyonu (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of structuring the content on your website in accordance with the criteria set forth by Google and other engines.

Contrary to common belief, this criteria is not a "trade secret" and it's clearly defined in Google's article. However, matching this criteria requires a proper understanding of HTML, copywriting for search engines, constant monitoring of results and fine-tuning.

Cem Göknil will integrate your keywords into your website with Google's principles in mind, making sure that:

  1. Your text is composed (the choice of words themselves) in a way that will be understandable by search engines,
  2. Your text is structured (the formatting of text such as titles, header, body, subheader, footer as well links) in a way that will be understanable by search engines,
  3. Your site is structured (the structure of your HTML) in a way that will be understable by search engines.

These steps often result in the client appearing on the first page of Google search results in an average of 3-4 weeks.

Please contact Cem Göknil to discuss how to use search engines as a tool to acquire new visitors to your website.

Newsletter tasarımı & HTML mailing

Newsletter Design & Newsletter Mailing

A monthly newsletter can be an effective tool to refresh your relationship with your customers.

Will your newsletter be read? Might your newsletter spark new business? This depends on the value of your newsletter to your customers. Your newsletter must be prepared as clearly and concisely as possible. The design of it must direct the reader to the gist of your message.

As well as designing and mailing newsletters, Cem Goknil presents analytics data about your newsletter; specifically if each recepient opened it or not and which of the recepients clicked on the links on your newsletter.

Banner tasarımı

Banner Design

A banner is a web advertisement which can include any combination of animation, video, sound or still image. A banner's success is largely dependent on it's appeal to the target audience. A visitor will only click on banners that interest them, so where you advertise counts as much as what and how you advertise it.

Cem Göknil can either advise you as to what type of banner will best fit your needs or build a banner as per your specifications. We can also modify your existing banner, changing it's dimensions, duration, file-size and load-time according to your requirements.

Banners prepared for clients are optimized to decrease the loading time without any noticable loss in quality using the latest in compression filters.

İnteraktif CD/DVD Tasarımı - Tanıtım CD/DVD'si

CD/DVD Design

A DVD can become a useful promotion tool when you are on a location with no or very slow internet. A DVD is easy to carry, it's Mac and PC compatible, and it can hold upto 2500 product pictures or 16,000 Word documents. Therefore, if designed in an appealing way, a DVD can act as alternative & powerful presentation tool when there is no internet - or if your catalog is too vast to download.

The final product is easily updatable by you. You will easily be able to add Word, Excel, PDF, picture and video content to your corporate DVD, and your content will be printable.

Sunum tasarımı

Selling a (good) Idea through Design

Let's say you have a very important pitch coming up in a few weeks. If you are to shake hands, this pitch will bring your firm a significant revenue. Are you sure you want to pitch using Powerpoint ™ slides?

Cem Goknil can create beautiful motion graphics which simulate the finished version of your idea.

Kurumsal kimlik tasarımı

Corporare Visual Identity Design

The corporate visual identity is like the persona of a corporation. It is the way your brand is distinguished from other companies. A strong visual identity helps to increase the recognizability of your brand and strengthens the bond between the company and its employees by projecting a strong visual image to the employees.